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Marina Abramović and David Claerbout in Artists & Athletes: The Hill They Climb

From Saturday April 13 to Sunday May 19, the arts trail 'Coup de Ville' will accelerate the pulse in the heart of Sint-Niklaas.

With the theme 'Artists & Athletes: the hill they climb' we revive the feud between body and mind. After all, in both art and sports, people dream of being at the top! Opposing domains? An unbridgeable gap? Yet fame or tragedy feel equally intense for both. But what exactly is the meaning and what scope do aspects such as: talent, discipline, style, limitation, duration or strength have in art and sports? We will explore these mutual differences and similarities in detail in the upcoming Coup de Ville.

Do you want to stroll or go for a jog? To enjoy the trail, everyone chooses their duration. We show drawings, sculptures, paintings, videos, installations, glory and labor in nine remarkable places. Not only are 40 artists involved, but coaches, athletes with Olympic ambitions and G-athletes also enter our stage. There will be initiations, workshops, interviews and activities throughout the exhibition.