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Laurent Grasso in Time Leaves

Laurent Grasso

Time Leaves
Solo exhibition, TAO ART, Taipei
May 10 – July 15, 2023
Opening reception, May 10, 4-7pm

Sean Kelly is delighted to announce Time Leaves, Laurent Grasso’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan at TAO ART. Presenting work from a wide variety of media including film, painting, sculpture, and neon, the exhibition brings together several of Grasso’s well-known series, including OttO, Studies into the Past, Future Herbarium, and Panoptes. Grasso’s creative practice explores themes from the history of art, time, natural sciences, and visual perception, incorporating new technologies to represent the sacred and the invisible. Drawing inspiration from animism to supernatural phenomena, Grasso seeks to make the intangible visible, creating mysterious ambiences that challenge the boundaries of one’s knowledge and perception.

The exhibition title, Time Leaves refers to the passage of time, encapsulating narrative possibilities that are manifold and continually evolving and multiplying over time. In imagining and reconstructing these profoundly mysterious themes, Grasso’s artistic practice summons up the power to reawaken our sense of awe about the world. For additional information about the exhibition please visit

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