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Julian Charrière in (In)finite Resources

The effects of today's consumer society on our environment are omnipresent. Be it that we experience it with our own senses and discuss it in everyday life, be it that we can follow corresponding reports in the media every day.

Based on selected examples from the last 40 years, the exhibition presents contemporary artists who deal with the mutual influences between the increasingly globalizing consumer society and its environment.

These current positions observe, document and comment on the traces that the use and exploitation of our living foundations leave behind. Today's relationship between nature and civilization is taken into account as well as the multifaceted phenomenon of waste. Natural raw materials such as water and fossil resources are also the subject of artistic consideration.

The 20 or so artists in the exhibition approach these pressing issues in media as diverse as painting, photography, sculpture, installation or video.

Image: Metamorphism XXXIX, 2016, Künstlicher Lava-Sandstein und geschmol- zene Computerabfälle (Hauptplatinen, Zentralprozessoren, Arbeitsspeicher, Fest- platten, Kabel), 170x30x30cm, DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM, Berlin

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