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Joseph Kosuth in APMA, CHAPTER THREE

Over 50 works of various genres such as paintings, installations, photography, media, and crafts are displayed in the 7 exhibition rooms. Works by artists who are actively active both at home and abroad were selected, and the production period of the works was from the 1960s to 2020, allowing you to examine the trends of major contemporary art as well as the latest trends.

The exhibition hall made the best use of the architectural space to minimize the temporary walls, and each exhibition room maximized the characteristics of the artworks to provide a venue for in-depth appreciation of the artworks.

AMOREPACIFIC Museum of Art intends to participate in the journey of art toward a better world through this exhibition, which presents a variety of contemporary contemporary art in one place.

Three of Joseph Kosuth's works created during the 1960s are on display in this exhibition – Five Fives (to Donald Judd) (1965), Five Colors, Five Adjectives (1965), ‘Titled (Art as Idea as Idea)’ [ Nothing] (1968), and One and Three Stools (1965)

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