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James Casebere in Unsettled Eye

Ruby City operated by the Linda Pace Foundation, will present the exhibition Unsettled Eye beginning June 1, 2024, through April 27, 2025. The exhibition is comprised of photo-based works from several artists in the Linda Pace Foundation Collection, many of which are new acquisitions and have never been on view. The show will be installed in the newly transformed Gallery 3 which has, since the building’s inception, functioned as a black box theater. 

The artists in Unsettled Eye use photography-based mediums to analyze familiar images, objects, and places. In their hands, however, these subjects are altered or recontextualized in subtle ways to destabilize our interpretations of our surroundings. The resulting works are at times eerie, grotesque, or delightful, prompting viewers to do a double take to better understand what they are seeing and its significance. These startling artistic examples instigate larger questions, asking viewers to examine more fully what they experience or believe. By offering keen and insightful commentary on society, power, and the creative potential of happenstance, the artists seem to suggest that only in reassessing our realities can we envision alternate possibilities or experience the routine as transformative.