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James Casebere in About this

About this focuses on the characteristics of 20th century art called 'Experimental Avant-garde'. Among the collections from MMCA Korea, through artworks that reflect the flow of contemporary art topography,  we can see various experiments and Avant-garde developed under the name of 'Contemporary Art' by age, and the art of the museum's collection, introducing the values โ€‹โ€‹of the times. This exhibition intends to present the way in which the flow of art, which has been constantly changing in the era of dynamism, communicates and an indicator to advance. In addition, due to the recent coronavirus infection-19, overseas travel, cultural and leisure life are limited, and it is also a valuable opportunity for tired citizens to meet international contemporary art in one place. 

*The title of the exhibition refers to the destructive experimental spirit peculiar to contemporary art that resists traditional customs, borrowed from the poem "About this" (1923) by the Russian avant-garde poet and painter Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Image: James Casebere, Yellow Hallway #2, 2001, courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery.


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