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Anthony Akinbola in Xippi, Heritage, and Metamorphosis: Voices in West African Art

This exhibition unveils a captivating collection of artworks originating from diverse regions in Western Africa, including Dakar, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. An interplay of colors, textures, and forms harmoniously weave together, creating memorable visual narratives. These visual vocabularies are a testament to the immense creativity, storytelling, skill, and cultural significance of the remarkable artists behind them. The exploration invites you to transcend stereotypical interpretations, offering a fresh perspective on African art that encompasses the realm of futurism.

Decentralizing the constraints of the traditional western-centric narrative, this exhibition challenges the tendency to lump together African and African-raised or American-based artists. Instead, we celebrate the individuality and unique styles of these exceptional talents, presenting their works as true masterpieces deserving recognition and appreciation in their own right.