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Sean Kelly Asia, Taipei, Taiwan 
OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday, September 10, 6pm-8pm

Sean Kelly Asia is delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Ilse D’Hollander (1968-1997) in the region. This comprehensive overview, featuring both paintings and works on paper, will span the entirety of D’Hollander’s career, with many works being exhibited for the first time. There will be an opening reception on Tuesday, September 10, from 6-8pm. 

Ilse D’Hollander created an extraordinary and highly resonant body of work which demonstrates a profoundly developed sense of color, composition, scale and surface. Through her use of subtle tones and pared down compositions, her work highlights the rich dialogue between representation and abstraction. D’Hollander drew inspiration from her surroundings in both Sin-Niklaas, Belgium, where she was born, and the small town of Paulatem, in the Flemish countryside, where she spent the last, highly productive years of her life. Her paintings allude to the material world, suggesting objects, interiors, rural vistas and vast horizons; nonetheless, these images remain resolutely abstract. Focused on the ways in which color and form are perceived, D’Hollander’s work reveals a masterful command of graphic composition and painterly touch. 

D’Hollander’s subtly evocative canvases have drawn comparisons to work as various as that of early Piet Mondrian, Nicolas de Staël and Raoul De Keyser – whom she regarded as a friend. However, her work is distinguished by its romantic and abstract traditions evoking a contemplative tranquility and deceptive simplicity. The intimate scale of her canvasses encourages the viewer to embrace a highly personal relationship with the work, where multiple layers of paint, visible brushstrokes and trembling lines of color reveal D’Hollander’s tangible and sensual exploration of the act of painting. In the only text she penned about her work, D’Hollander wrote that, “A painting comes into being when ideas and the act of painting coincide. When referring to ideas, it implies that as a painter, I am not facing my canvas as a neutral being but as an acting being who is investing into the act of painting. My being is present in my action on the canvas.”

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伊爾莎 · 霍蘭德亞洲個展

開幕酒會:2019年9月10日(星期二) 晚間6點至8點

尚凱利藝廊亞洲項目空間非常榮幸呈現比利時藝術家伊爾莎 · 霍蘭德(1968-1997)亞洲首次個展。這次展出聚焦在其創作生涯中的油彩畫布與紙上作品,難得的是其中有幾件創作都是第一次進行公眾展示。展覽開幕酒會於9月10日(星期二)晚間6點至8點舉行。

伊爾莎 · 霍蘭德(Ilse D’Hollander)創造了一系列令人驚豔的作品,這些創作高度展現出在色彩感知、構圖、尺度及畫面表面極高造詣的共鳴。藉由她對於色調微妙的處理及精簡的構圖,她的作品強調「敘事」與「抽象」之間豐富的對話。


當我們聚焦在這些對於色彩及形式的感知,霍蘭德(D’Hollander)的作品揭示對於平面構圖與繪畫性筆觸等高超的掌握度。霍蘭德(D’Hollander)細緻的油彩畫布作品很容易喚起大眾從早期皮特・蒙德里安(Piet Mondrian)、尼古拉・德・斯塔埃爾 (Nicolas de Staël) 和勞爾・德・奇瑟(Raoul De Keyser),這些她視為藝術家朋友多種不同風格的比對。



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