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Sun Xun in Sai Shang

As an invited artist of the 2018 annual “Annealing” project of Shanghai Glass Museum, Sun Xun will bring the exhibition “ Sai Shang – Sun Xun Solo Exhibition ” from November 5, 2018 to May 31, 2019 . The exhibition is divided into the first episode and the next episode, and will be open to the public on the first floor of the newly remodeled contemporary art space of the Shanghai Glass Museum.

The title of the exhibition "Sai Shang - Sun Xun Solo Exhibition" was quoted from the poet Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty, "to make it to the plug", trying to explore the conversion of intentions and the attributes of time and space, and explore more possibilities of image dimensions. In the exhibition, Sun Xun series manuscripts, paintings and animated images were presented to show the artist's thoughts on the new creations, while the new large-scale installation of glass materials will unveil the mysterious coat in the next exhibition in March next year. The episode of the exhibition echoes the episodes, and the works are different in form but consistent in the internal artistic clues.

As a representative artist in the field of contemporary Chinese new media, Sun Xun has long been committed to artistic practice in the field of painting and imaging. In recent years, the tentacles of his creative system have continued to expand, and he has tried multiple narrative effects on different media. In this exhibition, Sun Xun broke the outside world's frame of his artistic identity, and for the first time tried to create large-scale installation works, and continued to break through the boundaries of his artistic exploration with glass, a relatively unfamiliar material for him.

The glass installations to be exhibited in the exhibition will also be the inspiration for the real world from Sun Xun's ongoing animated feature film project, and one of the important elements. In this feature film, the image narrative mode of Sun Xun's past short film images will be combined with the long film plot mode and placed in the more complete film lens logic. The feature-length animated film "Wan Guo Tu" (tentative name) is scheduled to be released in 2020, an attempt to intervene in commercial cinema as a contemporary artist, and will reconstruct and discuss the multiple possibilities of visual arts language being displayed and viewed. It is also an attempt to make contemporary art creations and life in a wider field.

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