Los Carpinteros Sean Kelly Gallery

Los Carpinteros
Avión, 2011 
View of the installation at Faena Art Center Buenos Aires, 2012 
Plane, wooden arrows and feathers 
215 x 1100 x 780 cm approx. 
© Los Carpinteros 
Courtesy Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, Sao Paulo 
Photo: Nik Koenig


The exhibition La Cosa Está La Candela at the Museum of Art Miguel Urrutia -MAMU- is one of his greatest retrospectives made so far and his first large solo exhibition in Colombia. With more than thirty works, the exhibition presents the whole formal and conceptual range of his artistic production. "The thing is candela" proposes to explore the work of Los Carpinteros from a semiotic perspective and to understand all its production as an ambivalent, contradictory, paradoxical and yet extremely subversive system of signs. 

For more, visit www.banrepcultural.org

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