Los Carpinteros Sean Kelly Gallery

Human beings have the capacity to read in a broad sense, not only in the intellectual plane, when we read words or images; we can also "read" bodies, "collect" emotions and other kinds of metaphysical and intuitive language. This is the premise around which pivots the exhibition of the Cuban collective Los Carpinteros for NC-art. The central architectural piece of the sample, built especially for this project, is the eighth version of Reading Room,a work that has been an authentic model of research for artists, panoptic architectures and their political and philosophical connotations, especially panoptic jails. The latter were designed to exert the power of a minority - the vigilantes - over an enormous majority - the prisoners. The reconversion of these constructions into spaces dedicated to creation, imagination, knowledge and the exchange of knowledges, is the way artists found to annul the violence of such buildings, particularly traumatic in the political history of Cuba.


Towards an expanded reading it is proposed to activate this new reading room made in situ, to open and expand the concept of reading towards territories or, rather, towards new and heterogeneous languages, often displaced by a predominant logical and rational structure of thought in our western or 'westernized' cultures. Accompany this central piece, watercolors of various formats of various panoptic structures. The exhibition project is activated through a Mediation Program, which challenges the conventional idea of ​​reading and proposes to the visitors to be part of open sessions around different languages ​​within an expanded field of knowledge.


For more, visit www.nc-arte.org

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