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Janaina Tschäpe in Arte De Las

The Maria da Gloria project will be executed in three parts. The first part is a temporary solution, but it has a pertinent political stamp
to the moment that Brazil is facing right now. I have covered the whole tower in a pink knitting in a manifesto of love and caring with our culture and democracy
which at this moment is under a lot of turbulence and uncertainty. The knitting was made using pink marine ropes and will cover the whole tower.

Second, I will make a permanent painting inspired in the history of Aterro do Flamengo and the landscape of Marina da Gloria which will
be designed by the architect Lota Macedo Soares and Burle Marx. In the third and final part of the project, I will combine fragments from poems by
Elisabeth Bishop, who is also a partner and lover of the architect Lota Macedo, with drawings and a calligraphy overlapping the painting. This painting will take place 
as soon as the tower is renovated and ready to receive the painting with it’s surface smoothed out and painted in white, without all the wires.

In a tribute to the local memory and having in mind our political and cultural stands, the tower will represent our suppressed moan and the pink knitting will
also reinforce the idea of a demonstration of love and caring with the abandoned buildings and museums in our country.

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