David Claerbout Sean Kelly Gallery

The Quiet Shore, 2011
 single channel video projection, black & white, silent, 32 min 32 sec. 

David Claerbout is an internationally acclaimed video artist, known for his subtle manipulation of images and their not-so-simple construction. This exhibition presents six major works from the past 10 years.  Radio Piece (Hong Kong) (2015) and Travel (1996 – 2013) demonstrate Claerbout’s engagement with the possibilities of new imaging technologies and the changing parameters of represented space. The Quiet Shore (2011) offers images of a sandy beach in Brittany known for its strong tides and the villas that inspired Hitchcock’s house in Psycho. Focusing on a single captured moment in time – a group of people occupied by something and uncanny glass-like waters – it speaks to the history of photography and suspense. Long Goodbye (2007) impossibly bridges two different temporalities, whilst Cat and Bird (1996) provides a restrained commentary on expectation, also recalling Claerbout’s only other solo exhibition in Scotland in 2005.

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