David Claerbout Sean Kelly Gallery

Installation view at KINDL Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin.
Photo: Andrea Rossetti / Courtesy: Esther Schipper Berlin.

Olympia is a monumental double screen projection depicting the decaying into ruins of the Berlin Olympic stadium in real time, by nature's influences alone. The project will run day and night, year in, year out, undergoing exactly the same natural and weather conditions that Berlin is undergoing (those are downloaded in realtime). It is an extremely slow form of revenge on the thought of EMPIRE, and the architecture to illustrate its power, ironically, the stadium was also built in a hurry, which makes it fall prey to simple weather conditions rather rapidly. The point is that the spectator who is observing the projections will be able to connect his or her own act of looking (and seeing no significant event) to what is really grand and stands like an empire: time. Meanwhile, it has to be said that the architects conceived it as a 3 dimensional photo-postcard. a building who’s function was not to impress, but to overwhelm and to overpower, which makes it utterly theatrical.This makes it a striking composition from any angle. There, the virtual photography will ‘collaborate’ with the mechanics of power. The horizontal projection is an elliptical camera movement around the main arena, while the second (a vertical projection) picks out the details, again in realtime.

For more, visit loop-barcelona.com

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