In rooms B and C will be exhibited two video installations by Belgian artist David Claerbout (Kortrijk, 1969) under the curatorship of Mariano Klautau. Although little known in Brazil, the artist has exhibited his videos, films and photographs in galleries and museums in Europe, USA and Asia, revealing a way to provoke the imagination of the viewer.

The work of Claerbout is based on the digital manipulation of photographic images, allowing the appearance of very subtle movements. Projected in large dimensions, the works promote a sensation of immersion of the observer, placing it in an interface between photography, cinema and painting.

KING is constructed with reference to an old photograph of the young Elvis Presley and Pure Necessity is an intervention in the original cartoon The Jungle Book, known in Brazil by Mogli, the Boy Lobo. According to Klautau, between photography and drawing, through digital and aesthetic processes of film and video, the Pinacoteca will unprecedentedly offer the public a good example of its poetics. Previously, Claerbout had exhibited two works at the Sao Paulo Biennial in 2010, "The Algier's Sections of a Happy Moment" (2008) and "Sunrise" (2009).

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