David Claerbout Sean Kelly Gallery

David Claerbout

The Pure Necessity, 2016

2D animation, colour, stereo sound, running time approx. 60 min

Bringing together a selection of works by contemporary and historical artists, this autumn’s collective exhibition spotlights our conceptions of a life of simplicity. In a wealth of free associations, it explores the fantasies and waves of nostalgia conjured by its very title, La Vie simple – Simplement la vie (“The Simple Life – Simply Life”). 

Conceived specially for the exhibition or rarely seen before in France, the works in La Vie simple – Simplement la vie evoke the different aspects covered under the term “simplicity” – such as alternative forms of living, for example, and humankind’s relationship with nature and animals. The contributions by living artists also serve to deconstruct the myth of the simple life as one of calm and purification. 

For more, visit www.fondation-vincentvangogh-arles.org

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