Anthony McCall Sean Kelly Gallery

Leaving (With Two-Minute Silence) , 2009 
Computer, QuickTime video file, two video projectors, two loudspeakers, two fog machine. One cycle: 32 minutes. 3 editions

Anthony McCall presents in the Villa Arson Square Gallery Leaving (With Two-Minute Silence), a double horizontal and sound projection of 2009, produced in collaboration with musician and composer David Grubbs .

First work of the artist in thirty years of production to include sound, the piece consists of two forms projected parallel in space. The first begins with a complete elliptical cone, systematically cut until nothing is left. The other begins with nothing and evolves in the same way until it in turn becomes a complete elliptical cone. 

The sound environment operates as a barely audible 'sail', built from two opposing sound spaces: the city traffic emitting on one side of the room, the liquid sounds of a port on the other side. During each cycle, at the moment when the emerging form is the precise opposite of the form that disappears, the projection freezes and the sound disappears to produce a moment of transition where time is palpable.

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