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JANUARY 16 – MARCH 30, 2019


2019, 1/16-3/30


Sean Kelly is delighted to announce the opening of Sean Kelly Asia, our new project space in Taipei, Taiwan. Our inaugural exhibition will be by internationally recognized Scottish artist Callum Innes. The exhibition will showcase new paintings from two bodies of work that Innes has developed in parallel over a period of years: the Exposed Paintings and Split Paintings. This exhibition includes work from both series that Innes has created specifically for the new space in Asia.

尚凱利畫廊榮幸宣布在台灣台北設立Sean Kelly Asia項目空間,並以國際知名的蘇格蘭藝術家卡勒・英納斯作為首檔展覽,帶來藝術家最新創作的二個系列:《Exposed Paintings》和《Split Paintings》,這也是他特別為台北項目空間量身而製的作品。


Born and based in Edinburgh, Callum Innes studied drawing and painting at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen Scotland, and completed a post-graduate degree at Edinburgh College of Art. He is internationally recognized for his distinctive process of applying paint to the canvas and subsequently “unpainting” it; washing away or removing the pigment to create varied and complex surfaces. This dynamic interplay between additive and subtractive processes—the making and unmaking—lends a lyrical, luminous quality to his paintings, yielding works that are both conceptually complex and visually evocative.



Innes’s abstract paintings occupy a space closely aligned with the minimalist vocabulary of artists such as Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman, however his oeuvre is distinguished in a number of ways, particularly by his brilliant use of color. To create the Exposed Paintings, Innes begins with two unique colors which he mixes and applies to sections of the canvas; he then uses turpentine to remove a section of the paint before it dries, leaving all but the faintest vestigial traces of pigment. The result reveals varied veils of color buried within the seemingly monochromatic single pigment.

英納斯的在抽象繪畫中對於空間控制概念的語言與極簡藝術家艾格尼絲・馬丁和羅伯特・瑞曼一致,然而從許多層面中仍可以看出他創作的獨特性,譬如他對色彩的高明運用。在〈Exposed Paintings〉中,他先將兩種特別的顏色畫在畫布上不同的區塊,接著在顏料乾掉之前,使用松節油去除部分,僅留下顏料曾經存在過的些微痕跡。看似同色系的單一顏料中,實則隱藏顏色的多種樣貌。


In the Split Paintings, Innes literally divides the canvas in half vertically, then applies two separate colors across the entire surface before removing all but the echo of paint from one side only. This process is repeated, leaving one half of the painting covered in layered, complex color, whilst the other half of the painting is exposed as much as possible. Inevitably, the cleaned half retains a palimpsest of the colors that were absorbed into the gesso; resulting in a palette that exists outside of the realm of traditional painting and suggests a far more unique chromatic vocabulary.

在〈Split Paintings〉中,卡勒直接將畫布垂直一分為二,分別塗滿兩種不同的顏色,接著僅留下一邊顏色作為呼應,其餘顏料則被去除。他重複這樣的創作過程,使畫布半邊多層堆疊出複雜的顏色;另一半則盡可能地去除顏料。被去除的那一半,由於多層顏料被畫布上的打底劑吸收,使得最終成品一方面具備傳統繪畫的特性,另一方面也展現出獨一無二的色彩語言。


Innes has emerged as one of the most significant abstract painters of his generation, achieving widespread recognition through major solo and group shows worldwide. Innes was awarded the Jerwood Prize for Painting in 2002, and the Nat West Prize in 1998. In 1995 he was short listed for the Turner Prize. His work is included in many major public collections worldwide including: the Tate Gallery, London; the Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland; the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh; the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Centre George Pompidou, France; The Irish Museum of Modern Art; the Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth; The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo; the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada; and Deutsche Bank. In 2016, Innes was the subject of a major retrospective survey exhibition and accompanying monograph, I'll Close My Eyes, at the De Pont Museum in Tilburg, Netherlands.

英納斯在同期藝術家中被視為最重要的抽象畫家之一,於世界各地舉辦過個展與聯展,並取得國際高度認可。他曾獲頒2002年哲爾伍德繪畫獎及1998年NatWest獎,並曾獲1995年透納獎提名。他的作品被廣泛納入各大公共收藏,包括倫敦泰德美術館、瑞士伯恩美術館、蘇格蘭國家藝廊、古根漢美術館、龐畢度藝術中心、愛爾蘭現代美術館、沃斯堡現代美術館、舊金山現代美術館、澳洲國立美術館、艾普萊特諾克思美術館、加拿大安大略美術館、德意志銀行。2016年,荷蘭蒂爾堡De Pont美術館舉辦英納斯大型回顧展《I’ll Close My Eyes》,除展覽之外亦同時出版同名專書。


Sean Kelly Asia will be open to the public January 16 – 20, 2019, to coincide with the Taipei Dangdai art fair. After which we will be open by appointment only. To visit, please contact: Gladys Lin at

預約參觀「Sean Kelly Asia」,請洽Gladys Lin/


For additional information about Callum Innes, please contact: Cecile Panzieri at 212.239.1181 or

欲瞭解更多卡勒・英納斯的相關資訊,請洽Cecile Panzieri


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