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Tehching Hsieh in WE CAPITALISTS: From Zero to Turbo

Capitalism is far more than simply an economic system. It is a social order that has shaped our thinking, perception and existence for centuries. Approaching the topic from a cultural and historical perspective, the exhibition examines the fundamental characteristics of Capitalism – rationalisation, individualisation, accumulation, money and investment as well as typically Capitalist dynamics such as unrestricted growth and creative crises.

«It is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism.»Mark Fisher, 2009

In a way, this ‘DNA of Capitalism’ has long become part of our own DNA. How does Capitalism shape our identity and history, for example in terms of our individuality, sense of time, and attitude to material possessions? Can or must we change it – and do we want to?

With a selection of objects taken from the realms of art, history and everyday popular culture, the exhibition sheds light on a complex subject of great social relevance that touches each and every one of us.