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Marina Abramović in Body and Territory

Body and Territory
Cross-Border Dialogues
A cooperation with MSU Zagreb
May 26–August 27, 2023 

The exhibition Body and Territory focuses on works by artists who—in different ways—deal with the relationship between body and identity. What role does the body still play in art today, what is its significance in society? What is the appeal of bodily acts of transformation and border crossings, which have always been a characteristic part of identity creation? The exhibition shows works by Austrian artists or artists currently living and working in Austria who negotiate these questions in dialogue with artists from the territory of the former Yugoslav republics. At first glance, these works often have formal similarities, but their artistic impulses come from different preconditions and contexts. The selection of works, which ranges from the 1960s to the present, points to changes in how identity is inscribed in our bodies or how the body is able to overcome the identity projected onto it.