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Julian Charrière in Hans-Purrmann-Preis

The “Hans Purrmann Prize of the City of Speyer for Fine Arts” is, according to Hans Purrmann's express wish, to be awarded to young artists who are worthy of funding and who are comparable to the stages of Hans Purrmann's life (birth in the Palatinate, life and work stations in Munich, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Florence, but also Switzerland and Lake Constance) have a European perspective and reference, but also an arc of European metropolises and rural areas. Anyone who fulfills this condition and has not yet exceeded the age of 35 can apply for the € 6,000 sponsorship award during the application phase. 

The "Great Hans Purrmann Prize of the City of Speyer" was brought into being by the Hans Purrmann Foundation . Approx. 50 renowned artists, curators and art critics with international experience are asked to submit a nomination for this € 20,000 prize. It is not possible to apply yourself.

Under the direction of Mayor Stefanie Seiler and Professor Dr. Andreas Bee is a member of the jury: Professor Leiko Ikemura (Berlin / Cologne), Professor Karin Kneffel (Düsseldorf / Munich), Professor Martin Liebscher (Frankfurt, Berlin), Professor Marcel Odenbach (Cologne / Düsseldorf), Professor Ben Willikens (Stuttgart) and René Zechlin (Ludwigshafen) with.

Following the award of the prize, an exhibition with the applicants' work is regularly held in the Kulturhof Flachsgasse.

Announcement of the finalists for the Hans Purrmann Awards 2021

In order to hopefully be able to award the Hans Purrmann Prize for Fine Arts of the City of Speyer in a festive setting in 2021, the decision on the award of the award will be postponed to autumn. The two previous juries recently nominated eight artists for the Grand Prize and ten artists for the Advancement Prize.

The preliminary judging for the “Hans Purrmann Prize of the City of Speyer for Fine Arts” took place via video conference. Under the direction of Mayor Stefanie Seiler, the art historian and director of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum René Zechlin and the artist Martin Liebscher, who is a professor in Offenbach and winner of the Hans-Purrmann-Förderpreis 1996, participated in the preselection. A total of 181 applications were submitted for the sponsorship award, from which the jury invited the following eight artists for the main selection:
Enric Fort Ballester (* 1987, Benifairó de les Valls, Valencia / ES), Thorben Eggers (* 1988, Flensburg), Bastian Gehbauer (* 1985, Lindenfels), Alina Grasmann (* 1989, Munich), Alexander Janz (* 1994, Villingen-Schwenningen), Hanna Kaminski (* 1988, San Franciso / USA), Catalin Pislaru (* 1988, Chisinau / MD), Christian Retschlag (* 1987, Magdeburg), Jörg Sobott (* 1986, Riedlingen) and Philipp Valenta (* 1987, Hattingen).

The preselection for the “Great Hans Purrmann Prize of the City of Speyer” has already taken place. In addition to the chairman, Professor Dr. Andreas Bee, the jury included the renowned painter and professor at the Munich Academy, Karin Kneffel, and the artist and professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, Marcel Odenbach. The jurors selected the following eight finalists from 54 applications that were submitted at the suggestion of 64 internationally renowned artists, critics and curators:
Böhler & Orendt (Matthias Böhler, * 1981, Aachen and Christian Orendt, * 1980, Schäßburg / RO), Julian Charrière (* 1987, Morges / CH), Jan Paul Evers (* 1982, Cologne), Jadé Fadojutimi (* 1993, London / GB), Mario Pfeifer (* 1981, Dresden), Katharina Schilling (* 1984, Cologne), Kathrin Sonntag (* 1981, Berlin) and Fabianreiber (* 1986, Ludwigsburg).

The award ceremony will take place on September 25, 2021 at a ceremony for invited guests in the historic town hall, followed by the opening of the exhibition in the Kulturhof Flachsgasse. The works of the finalists from both competitions can be seen in the rooms of the Städtische Galerie and the Kunstverein up to and including October 24, 2021.