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Callum Innes in #IntheStudio

We are delighted to welcome you to #SeanKellyNY's digital programming on Instagram. Each day's post in this ongoing weekly series will focus on one of our artists, their art and practice, our collective histories, and plans for the future.

Today we are #IntheStudio with Callum Innes at his studio in Oslo as he works on a new painting.

To create his Exposed Paintings, layers of paint are laid down on meticulously gessoed canvas and ultimately covered in black. #CallumInnes then uses turpentine to remove layers of paint from sections of the canvas, revealing the luminous color that lies underneath. The process is repeated several times, alternating between application and removal. In the #ExposedPaintings, the residue from this process is left on the canvas's surface directly below the "exposed" section, creating another layer of color altogether.

"I make a painting and work with the surface, then dissolve it, taking it off with turpentine. In many ways, I am dissolving an image that is in my head… With the paintings, [I] make a black made of many colors…until I dissolve it. Then the colors separate so that color will be revealed." - @innes_callum

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To view the video please click below.