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Opener 19: Los Carpinteros


Opener 19: Los Carpinteros combines drawings from the past ten years with recent sculpture by the Havana-based duo. Spanish for “the Carpenters,” their moniker underscores the importance of craft in their practice, aligning their studio in solidarity with communal artisan guilds and skilled workers. From a French garden made of twisted beds to a bath towel shaped like a swimming pool, Los Carpinteros’s distinctive imagery springs from the creative repurposing of objects common in Cuban daily life. Multilingual puns in their titles enrich many of their works, as with La Montaña Rusa, literally “the Russian mountain,” but also the term for roller coaster in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This book is published by the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College;Opener 19: Los Carpinteros was edited by Ian Berry, Malloy Curator of the Tang Museum.

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