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Julian Charrière: Polygon

The Green Box, April 2015


Polygon is a series of photographs taken at the Semipalatinsk nuclear trial site in Kazakhstan. Julian Charrière exposed the photographs in analog medium format before they were developed. Thus, these images document both a location and the direct effect of radioactive radiation. Charrières's journey to the Polygon was inspired by the short story "The Terminal Beach" by JG Ballard. The work moves between art, science, and fiction and brings us one of the most remote and untapped spheres - the beginning of the nuclear age. It is a mystical place - a nuclear space. As a counter-pole to human life, he shows the dystopian aesthetics of a future archeology. 

The publication will accompany the exhibition Somewhere - Julian Charrière in the Rudolf Scharpf Gallery, the project gallery of the Wilhelm Hack Museum. The exhibition is sponsored by the Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia. JULIAN CHARRIÈRE: POLYGON is edited by the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum and contains a greeting from René Zechlin and a contribution by Jana Franze.

Please contact the gallery at to inquire about the price and availability of this publication.