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Idris Khan: Image | Music | Text

Nazraeli Press, January 2014


Image | Music | Text presents a selection of Khan’s most powerful imagery to date, enjoying the intimacy of a book’s presentation while taking full advantage of the series’s generous format. The artist’s design incorporates three gatefold spreads, each measuring some thirty inches across.

Appropriating icons of literature, music, and art, Khan methodically layers his material, whether it is Beethoven’s symphony, Milton’s Paradise Lost, or Bernd and Hilla Becher’s stylized sculpture of water towers. In speaking about his work, Khan says that “every layer is an effect that needs to be created... Each layer is a fallible human decision. There is a decision made as to what I want to keep and what has to disappear. This process allows me to cut out the camera completely.” Each layer in the resulting artwork adds complexity similar to a painter’s mark on a canvas. Khan’s photographs are not “taken”; they are built. The final composite image has the look and feel of a dense, quivering charcoal drawing.

The book is published by Nazraeli Press.

Please contact the gallery at to inquire about the price and availability of this publication.